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JONAPWD has an 8-appointed member board of trustees, 13 National officers, 6 heads of disability groups, 6 zonal coordinators and advisers, and 36 state chapters, including Abuja FCT. The National President directs the affairs of the association and other National officers support her.

As contained in its constitution membership in JONAPWD is open to groups and not individuals, these groups are

  • All state chapters of the association duly registered
  • Disability Clausters
  • Affliate Group / Organisation of PWDs
  • Partners
  • Donor Agencies

Honorary supervision is carried out by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.

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News & Events

International Disability Day

United Nations (UN) International Day of Persons with Disabilities is annually held on December 3 to focus on issues that affect people with disabilities.

White Cane Day

White Cane Safety Day is celebrates blind and visually impaired people's achievements in the United States on October 15 every year. It also reminds people about the how the white cane is an important tool in helping the blind and the visually impaired live with greater independence.

World Leprosy Day

World Leprosy Day is annually observed around the world on the last Sunday of January. The day was initiated in 1954 by French philanthropist and writer, Raoul Follereau, as a way to raise global awareness of this deadly ancient disease and call attention to the fact that it can be prevented, treated and cured.